Monthly Archive: March 2015

The Best Coffee in the World – Caffè Gambrinus

Naples, Italy – Neapolitans are quick to tell you they have the best coffee in the world. After all they’ve invented espresso, so they claim. But when I ask – “Where in Napoli is the best of the best coffee served?” – they can never agree. When Oscar Wilde (an Irish dramatist) and Guy de Maupassant (a French writer) visited Naples, they went straight to Caffè Gambrinus. So I follow their examples. The location couldn’t be more perfect, right at the heart of the city. Right there where the moped-buzzing Piazza Triese…
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What if Lawrence of Arabia Was Never to Be?

Rome, Italy – Have you heard of Lawrence of Arabia? You probably have. He’s world famous. T. E. Lawrence, a British military officer, had embedded himself in the Great Arab Revolt in 1916. He wrote a book about his experience, Seven Pillars of Wisdom, which inspired the name Lawrence of Arabia, and propelled him into an international celebrity. His life had even inspired a movie, Lawrence of Arabia, now a classic, starring Peter O’Toole. That film won seven Academy Awards, including the Oscar for “Best Picture.” But what if all…
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Experimental Travel? – A Mind Map

Experimental Travel? — Tourist, Traveler, Explorer?   I did a Mind Map exercise using Experimental Traveler as the nucleus word. Many years ago, I learned this technique from a book by Gabriele Lusser Rico, Writing the Natural Way. Rico calls it “Clustering.” She devised the technique so that a writer can write from within his or her heart. In the writing process, Clustering is the “exploratory stages . . . to untangle a fuzzy mind.” Clustering gives focus. It’s a way of finding that creative spark, a way of tapping…
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