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Vesuvius – Climbing the World’s Most Dangerous Volcano

Naples, Italy – Vesuvius is considered one of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes. You may know its infamy: the destroyer of Pompeii nearly 2,000 years ago. But did you know Vesuvius is one of the world’s easiest volcanoes to climb? If you visit Naples, you can’t miss Vesuvius. The volcano juts in the middle of the urban sprawl, as if the city first staked its claim on the land, and later the mountain decided to pop up. On its slanting slopes, houses and buildings cling, encroaching almost a third way…
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Prague – Rain in My Heart in the Magical City

Prague, Czech Republic – Dolomiti flight 3272 descended through a turbulent headwind. I gazed out a window. Droplets of rain slanted across the glass like tears. Prague in rain. The city of alchemy and astrology in rain. Rain in my heart. I had been trying hard to become a writer. But I became lost. I needed inspiration. Magic and mystery, I believed, lay cloaked in my heart. Prague seemed like the perfect city where I’d find a key to unlock the innocence I had lost. By the time I was…
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Experimental Travel? – A Mind Map

Experimental Travel? — Tourist, Traveler, Explorer?   I did a Mind Map exercise using Experimental Traveler as the nucleus word. Many years ago, I learned this technique from a book by Gabriele Lusser Rico, Writing the Natural Way. Rico calls it “Clustering.” She devised the technique so that a writer can write from within his or her heart. In the writing process, Clustering is the “exploratory stages . . . to untangle a fuzzy mind.” Clustering gives focus. It’s a way of finding that creative spark, a way of tapping…
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